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Food supplements

High quality through high production standards and close communication with the client. That is how we produce our food and sports supplements. Not sure if you want an effervescent tablet, a tablet, powder or liquid? We will guide you through all the possibilities to find the most suitable option for your product.

Medical devices

Not only do we develop and produce supplements, we also offer an extensive range of medical devices. From pregnancy tests to stomach tablets. Do you want to create a new device?

No problem, we will assist you throughout the entire process. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Packaging possibilities

After the development and production stage, we can take a look at the design of your package. You can choose from a variety of bottles, boxes and blister packs, according to your liking. Almost all shapes, colours and sizes are available. You can count on us for reliable and thorough advice. Together, we will find the best packaging solution for your product.

Qualified manufacturer

Our production facility in Germany belongs to the top of the industry. With a focus on high production standards, good safety regulations and transparent communication, we can create products of the highest quality. At our facility, we have all required quality certifications and always work according to the latest regulations.