Our products

We produce our food supplements in high quality based on high production standards and close communication with the customer. If you are uncertain of whether you are looking for an effervescent tablet, a tablet, powder, or capsule, we will walk you through the different options to find the best solution for your product.

Packaging options

We will take care of your product design as well as of the development and production phases. Choose from a number of bottles, folding boxes, and blister packs to match your needs and wishes. Many shapes, colours and sizes are possible. We will advise you reliably and comprehensively to help you find the optimal packaging solution for your product.

Effervescent tablet

CeeBe enables you to offer your food supplements in the popular effervescent tablet form. We can produce effervescent tablets in almost any flavour and pack them in different tube sizes. We can also pack effervescent tablets individually in sachets for distribution to customers at trade fairs or other events. This will let you customise your white-label product to your target group’s needs. We will gladly discuss your requirements with you and find the optimal dosage form and packaging for your food supplement together with you.

Sticks & Sachets

Stick and sachet packaging options are highly suitable for food supplements since they offer an easy and comfortable method for (direct) intake while coming in many different sizes and shapes. They can be further packed in various folding boxes and the film can be fully printed in multiple colours.
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Blister packs are excellent if you need secure and hygienic packaging for your product while preserving high visibility.

A large number of different blister packs are available that are suitable for food supplements, including single blisters, multiple blisters, and many others. Every packaging option has its own specific advantages and can be selected to match the product and target group. We will gladly discuss your requirements with you and optimise the packaging for your white-label product together with you.


We also offer food supplements in the form of gummies.
Shape and flavour can be adjusted just as well as the packaging type, which can be chosen from among pouches, bottles, or even individual packaging to meet the target group’s market needs well.
We will gladly advise you on the choice of dosage form and packaging in a personal meeting. Contact us

Qualified manufacturer

Our production site in Germany numbers among the best in the industry. Focusing on high production standards and safety regulations as well as transparent communication, we are able to create products of the highest quality. Our production holds all the necessary quality certificates and always works in compliance with the latest provisions.